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Aug 132018

How do you prefer to invest your money?

(A) Bank Deposit? (@6%/annum)

(B) Treasury Bills? (@8%/annum)

(C) Mutual funds? (@10%/annum)

(D) Business venture? (@lucrative% but risky, uncertain, can wipe off your capital/annum)

(E) PHRealWealth? (30%/annum - risk is 100% underwritten with real estate)

Please state your answer and reason(s) if any...


Enemuo Christopher 13 August, 2018E. Phrealwealth because is safe, secured and legal firm of investment with proven track record of financial fulfillment.
ade 13 August, 2018E. Reason being that it's the safest and most reliable option listed above.
Peter13 August, 2018Business is good...but I'll take the money, use part to grow my business and use the other part in investing in PhRealWealth cos of the secured structure and better returns I've been receiving which exceeds inflation...nice job there guys
Divine George moses 13 August, 2018phrealwealth is a good estate investment i have invested with them and it really works and the most important thing is that they have a very good security backing the investment legally


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