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Aug 132018

How do you prefer to invest your money?

(A) Bank Deposit? (@6%/annum)

(B) Treasury Bills? (@8%/annum)

(C) Mutual funds? (@10%/annum)

(D) Business venture? (@lucrative% but risky, uncertain, can wipe off your capital/annum)

(E) PHRealWealth? (30%/annum - risk is 100% underwritten with real estate)

Please state your answer and reason(s) if any...

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Aug 112018

Finance meets Real Estate. A phenomenon in investment in land is created by strategic alliance of NFI-EDIGOR through land – the utmost real wealth. No asset on earth is worth more than land in the long run or long term basis. Every piece of land has many years of cash flow with embedded real options. Traditionally, investment in land carries low risk. The greatest drawback of direct investment in land is ILLIQUIDITY. Otherwise no investment including government treasury bills, is as safe (with long term value) as land. It is rare if not impossible to find investment with real guarantee of capital let alone positive real rate of return. But these rare characteristics or potentials are what our strategic alliance offers you in REALWEALTH


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